What is Clarity?


What if all young people, in addition to learning the basics in school (english, science, math, etc.), were educated in the language of Clarity (and why isn’t this just as important)?

This site helps people find Clarity in their relationship with themselves and others, and to find a “belonging” in this wild world.  

Karen Dobkins Ph.D.

Principles of Clarity

by Karen Dobkins Ph.D.

So….. what is Clarity?

  • Checking in with yourself (as in “what’s happening now?”)
  • Accepting what is, while knowing how and when to change (you, your situation, or even the world).
  • Learning the language of truth-telling, because that is where the love is (we spend way too much time pretending)
  • Learning how to communicate clearly, from the heart, without so many details (we give way too much attention to “distracting” details)
  • Learning when to use your mind (great for planning dinner parties, figuring out puzzles, etc.) vs. your heart (unfortunately, matters of the heart are often taken over by our tricky minds)

Having been a practitioner of Clarity since I was about 7 years old, and now as an educator with 22 years of experience working with people of all ages, I want to share my experiences with you. 

Come explore the possibilities, which include:

  1. One on One Sessions
  2. Private Groups
  3. Open Workshops
  4. My Blog on “What’s Happening Now?”