Principles of Clarity


Principles of Clarity

Yourself, Others and the World


Upcoming Workshops

These interactive and playful workshops start out with a lecture on Mindfulness and Mental Well-being, followed by sections covering different topics about your relationship with yourself and others.


2 day workshop: people over 55

September 30 – October 1

Private: By Invitation Only

1 day workshop: Sign Language Interpreters

October 14th 2017

Private: By Invitation Only

10 week course for UCSD Freshman

Fall 2017

Private: By Invitation Only


Private Sessions

I offer one-on-one sessions in the privacy of my home, in a sanctuary that overlooks the ocean


Group Workshops

Principles of Clarity (POC) is a workshop that focuses on improving your relationship with yourself and others, and is based on principles from Mindfulness, Positive Psychology and Cognitive Therapy (as well as Buddhism and Neuroscience). The focus is on how to live a life where our actions are aligned with our core values, get straight to the heart of a matter, identify the issues, discriminate between real threats vs. the “stories” we tell ourselves, move away from “shoulds”, take responsibility for our choices, not go into “victim mentality”, communicate needs effectively, bring love, mindfulness and compassion to all situations, and live wholeheartedly, without apology.


Guest Speaking

Dr. Dobkins loves to give both academic and inspirational talks on living life with Clarity.  She has given talks on the science and practice of Clarity to different universities, private groups, high schools, and businesses.  She often incorporates the data from her lab, which studies Transformation and Mental Well-Being.

Karen Dobkins, Ph.D. speaking about her path on the TEDx stage in San Diego.