Speaking Engagements

Please contact Dr. Dobkins directly to schedule.

Cost of a 1 - 2 hour talk is $250


Previous Speaking Engagements

March 2015:  Osher, San Diego.  The Science of Mental Well-Being

June 2015:  Peking University.  Principles of Clarity

May 2015: Vi Living, San Diego.  Aging with Mindfulness and Grace

April 2016: Budapest.  Novel Mindfulness-Based Approaches for Enhancing Mental Well-Being

July 2016:  Japan, Hitachi, Inc. Principles of Clarity

September 2016:  Chinese University of Hong Kong. Novel Mindfulness-Based Approaches for Enhancing Mental Well-Being

September 2016:  Discovery Bay International School, Hong Kong.  What Do We Want for our Children?

Oct 2016:  San Diego High School. Killing Each Other with 10,000 Tiny Cuts

Sept 2017: Hong Kong University. Novel Mindfulness-Based Approaches for Enhancing Mental Well-Being.

September 2017:  Pacific Regents, San Diego. Aging with Mindfulness and Grace

Topics of Interest

  • Science of Mindfulness

  • Living with Freedom

  • Aging and Death

  • Mindful Parenting

  • Clinical Psychology:  Is it Time for a Change?


My Ideal Opportunity

I love to work with all ages, travel to foreign countries, share cultural experiences. 

I love collaboration, blending creative arts, laughter and movement with heart-opening experiences.


Karen Dobkins, Ph.D. speaking about her path on the TEDx stage in San Diego.