Private Sessions

Unlike conventional therapy, I call these “healing” sessions.  They are designed to guide you in breaking through the stories that limit you, and taking down the protection around your heart, so that you can be engaged in, and ready for, the rollercoaster that is life.   This is about letting go, getting clear, and being free! 

*  Each session is 1 to 2 hours, at the Sanctuary at my house.  I charge $100/hour and I do not take insurance.


some of the principles that guide the sessions:

  • There are no problems, just situations.  Situations can either be dealt with (in which case, we take action), or they cannot be dealt with (in which case, we must accept them).  I will guide you either way.
  • The details of the situation do not matter (although people tend to cling to the details like evidence in a court case!).  I will guide you away from the details (which are just decoys of the “monkey mind”), going directly to your heart, and what it has to say in the matter.
  • Healing happens when one person “gets in there” with another.  I am not a passive listener.  My job is to move with you.  This might end up with us both in tears, or both laughing hysterically.  Whatever helps you let go!
  • Did I mention, these sessions are about having fun together?!  People are complicated, intricate, a mixture of light and dark, navigating messy lives, half animal, half divine, scared to death, afraid of death, and we make a lot of mistakes.  It’s all adorable and hilarious when you look at it from a loving-what-is perspective. 
  • I work with you for just 2 to 3 sessions because I believe that “waking up” is a quick process.  I know you hear people say that “well, it takes a long time to change”.   But, no, sudden insights (epiphanies) are fast, we are simply waking up to what we already know.  But, yes, behavioral patterns take longer to change, which of course, requires patience and a will to keep “getting back on the horse”.